• About Me

  • Mike Graf

    Owner/Designer/Car Nut

    I've spent over 25 years automotive, but have always had a passion for Small Business. I always seemed to gravitate back to helping business owners with their website, so I figured maybe I should capitalize on it...like turning a hobby into a business, I'm sure you have done the same.

    My philosophy on websites might be different than most. I believe a business website should be a tool to generate more business, not just a pretty picture. It should take your personality and wrap it around the benefits of your products, why your company is better than the competition, and why customers should work with you.

    Once your new site is up and running, we have to then drive traffic to it. Yes, sure you can have a Facebook page, but that only helps you maintain your relationship with friends, family, and once in a while a customer. My approach is to use SEO to drive traffic, email campaigns to maintain your customer relationship, and Blog posts to keep everyone updated on the latest news. I work with you on developing everything, keeping you motivated and excited.

    I'm happy to work with you virtually, so if you aren't in the Orange County area, no worries, we have several options.