• Pricing

  • Pricing Options

    Lets face it, none of us have $10,000 to spend on a website, that's probably why you haven't looked at replacing the old site you have. You'll see that my prices below are reasonable - my goal is to get you up and running with a new site, not to put you out of business.

  • Site Refresh

    $65 Per Hour

    For a site refresh, I will work with you to understand all of the changes you would like to make, from there I will provide you with a quote for the number of hours I will need to complete the work. I am a project manager by trade, so I will keep changes on track and within budget.

  • New Site Design

    $1,500 to $3,500

    Together we will set the goal of the site, from this I will provide you with a quote for the whole site. I will provide a few design concepts for the key pages and then fully develop the final design. If you are looking to sell your product online, I would suggest using Amazon or Etsy to handle the purchasing process - I will create the proper links from your site to create a seamless design. (I will add a declaimer that if you need a complex site design then the price may go up.)

  • Site Maintenance

    $100 - $300 per Month

    Your site may not require maintenance, but if you plan to regularly update your products or add Blog posts then we would look to adding a monthly maintenance. Together we will determine how many hours per month you will need me to update your site, from this we will set the monthly price. 

  • Customer Relationship


    For years I have watched companies focus all their efforts on generating NEW customers, and forgetting about the ones they already have. Your current customer will not only repurchase from you, but will help you find new customers. But you need to treat them like the valuable family member they are. I will help you put together email campaigns that are valuable to your customers and frequent enough to keep you top of mind, without getting put in the spam folder. We can even use your email content for new Blogs, to create new posts for your followers.