• Program Management Services

  • Have you ever been part of a program that launches late and over budget?
    Have you ever looked around the table and said, "how did we forget that?"
    Or asked, "How are we going to tell the client we're going to be late, AGAIN!"

    Then you need an experience Program Manager.  No, not a person to create Gantt charts, rather a person that can visualize the final solution, and create the strategy and roadmap to get you there. 

    I am available to your organization as a contract program manager. Bring me in to manage one or more of your programs until they launch - providing you the benefit of a known cost while to program is in development, without the burden of hiring a full time employee, with long-term costs.

    For a look at my experience, see my LinkedIn page.

  • Avoid the Pitfalls

    Through my years of experience I have found it's not just poor planning that causes a program to go off the rails, it's a combination of many more factors:

    • No Management Buy-in
    • Sales team "Over Promises"
    • Poorly written proposal and SOW
    • Internal teams that don't play well with each other
    • No Master Chief Leading the way
  • My Philosophy

    I've always believed, a good program manager is like a Master Chief at a fine restaurant. He needs to be able to see the big picture, understand how to use the resources he has, make sure all the deliverables are completed at the same time, and create satisfied customers.

  • Scope of Work

    let me help you understand and document the scope of work for your program. Regardless of size, every program should be clearly defined to leave no questions as to what the customer will receive. I can provide support during proposal writing, or come in after you've already kicked off the program. Better to bring me in late than to risk loosing money and a valuable customer.

  • Team Alignment

    Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, lets get the team strengths aligned and pointed in the right direction. I have worked with cross-functional and co-located teams for years, I've found it doesn't matter where the team is, we just need to make sure they get support to deliver their part.

  • Timeline

    When each team has the opportunity to put together their own timeline, then they will work harder to hit their dates. When the vision is there, then each team can be successful. In times when the schedule gets off course, it takes experience to know how to navigate back while continuing to move forward.

  • Client Management

    Very often your client won't realize that they ALSO have items to delivery, and they also tend to change the scope along the way to suit their business, or political, needs. I'll help you keep the client in check, without risking your program or business.