• Restaurants

  • Do You Own a Restaurant?

    Now that more people are ordering take-out, it's time to update your website, or at least get your menu online.

  • The world is a different place now, and you've been surviving through these difficult times. You figured out how to keep your customers coming back, while working with the least amount of help. BUT! Now you need to stay competitive to keep surviving. 

    If you are struggling to find the time to update your website, or just get the latest take-out menu up, let me help you. I have different ways I can help, just reach out and lets work together.

  • Just the Menu Please!

    Send me your updated menu and I'll add it to your site. I can post an image or create a unique layout to capture your items. Whether you have a traditional website or one through Square, Shopify, or others, I can add or change your menu as needed. 

    • Receive your latest menu
    • Edit your online menu
    • Test and Launch the menu
  • Update the Website and Menu!

    Let me update your current site and then keep it fresh for your customers. I will also update your menu as needed. If you use an online payment process, no problem, I'll take care of it.

    • Update Website Images
    • Update Website Text
    • Update Menu as needed
  • Build Us a Site!

    It's time...time to get rid of the old site and start fresh. Let me help you by coming up with a design the suites your vision for your restaurant. Let me do what I do best, so you can get back to what you do best.

    • Design a new site
    • Get your feedback and finalize the design
    • Built in Word Press or Squarespace
    • Build an online Menu
    • Integrate online payment
    • Manage the site going forward 
  • Price Range - $100 - $200 per month

  • Price Range - $500 Setup + $100 - $200 per month

  • Price Range - $2,000 - $3,500 Setup + $100 - $300 per month